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On Being Corny

Well, the bullet has been bitten.

Website is in the world, link to it probably on my social media.

And you know how there's this stint of time whenever you see someone you know putting themselves out there- on Tik Tok, Youtube, whatever they do- and you think, "Who do you think

you are?"

And it's normal, I think. You watch someone you know from something mundane attempting to make a name for themselves in a totally new space. It feels weird. Weird to watch someone you've grown up with try to chase some sort of clout.

I guess that's the fear for me over here.

Feels corny. Feels like there's some audacity involved to think that my voice has something unique and revelatory enough to belong on a website domain. Amanda Mona thinks so highly of what she has to say that she bought a Wix powered soap box just to shout her thoughts into the ether.

And also: the vulnerabiltiy of it all. The fact that I'm prepping to surrender over a good chunk of my headspace, only to hope that it's met with respect.

You don't get to choose who reads.

You don't get to choose if your words are inspiring or added to someone's arsenal.

"Amanda, you're corny."

I'm accepting the fact that that may be a conclusion after reading one of these blog posts. I guess I can't really blame you- it gets pretty sappy over here a lot of the time.

But I guess if you get it, you do. You have to create something and put it out there- regardless of whether or not it'll snowball. You do it because you have to.

You also do it because one year of paying for a Wix platform could've paid off your monthly car insurance instead. Corniness be damned.

Welcome to my website.

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