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Snapshots: A Love Letter

When I was little, I decided that I loved rocks. I was two years old and whether it was a gemstone or gravel, I needed it in my pocket. Rocks were treasure that couldn't be let go.

In kindergarten I stole a tiny plastic horse.

"God's always watching," a reprimand from my teacher outside of the playground.

I swore to myself that I was a better home than the grubby toy bin in Miss Jodie's classroom.

My collection broadened into music. Ten years old, proud of every song I found that felt uniquely mine. Not sure why Eminem fit that bill, but I listened to his first album today and I guess I still have it memorized thirteen years later.

Now the collection's mainly people and snapshots of memories. I still think rocks and music are great- not too big on plastic horses anymore though. God can keep those.

I still find myself collecting. Moments that I experience feel like gravel in my arms, and I worry that adding more will only result in a few tumbling out.

But also: what is experiencing if you spend the moment worried that it will slip away too soon?

So I create and I write, half for expression and half to preserve the scarcity. My other collections stayed in a box or a Spotify playlist, but this one's result is me, and my artwork by extension.

I thought it would be fun to preserve a few of my favorite snapshots here. These moments have passed and I might not talk to these people anymore, but I think there's a beauty in appreciating them for the purpose that they served for me.

Also this is my blog and I make the rules.

But anyway: Amanda's Favorite Snapshots: A Love Letter

Stargazing on a soccerfield, sandwiched between corn and more corn.

Splitting a bottle of rosé on the beach, orange moon above and crabs scurrying beside.

Laying on the floor of my dorm room, blasting Sgt. Pepper and shouting along.

Waking up on an alpaca farm in a teepee in the middle of Utah.

Late night poké bowls and roommate gossip.

Sneaking on top of Brick Street Bar, realizing that there is, in fact, a skylight. Feeling like a spy looking down.

Experiencing the portal that is the protein shake shop.

Attempting to jump the creek on a sled. Being unsuccessful.

Trying Canadian moose milk.

Dancing alongside my favorite modern poet. Giving her a slice of geode.

Cooking steaks together, dancing to Nirvana.

Telling the photography teacher "we're creatively inspired most by the outdoors." Using the class period to hike instead.

Taking a tequila shot together in Florida, knowing damn well that it's not about to do us justice.

Meeting religiously at the quad's bench after midnight. The perfect debriefing spot.

Getting kicked off UNI's greenspace because "apparently you can't hammock here overnight."

Rediscovering funk at a jazz club in the South End.

Smash Bros tournaments. Learning that there's actual skill involved.

Sneaking a group photo onto the wall of our favorite pub.

A video: absolutely biffing it on the rocks of Rhode Island's coast.

Remembering that Red Oak really is the center of the universe.

Realizing that, even with a live band, it is possible for a person to fall asleep standing up.

So there's a few.

Hopefully the gravel stays for a moment longer. Not ready for it to slip away just yet.

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